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Introduction from Drug peptide supply about:Tripeptide-29/2239-67-0

chemical formula of Tripeptide-29


English name Tripeptide-29
Chinese name 三肽-29
CAS NO 2239-67-0
Peptide sequence Gly-Pro-Hyp
Molecular formula C12H19N3O4
Molecular weight 269.3
storage temperature 2-8℃
purity ≥98%
Package 1mg;5mg;10mg;50mg;100mg,1g or according to customer’s detail requirement.
Product English synonyms (2S,4R)-1-((S)-1-(2-aMinoacetyl)pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl)-4-hydroxypyrrolidine-2-carboxylicacid

Introduction to Tripeptide-29

Tripeptide-29 is one of the basic components of collagen synthesis. Collagen is a long-chain polymer composed of short monomer repeats of three consecutive amino acids. It stimulates skin collagen synthesis through tissue growth factor (TGF-β) to achieve the anti-wrinkle purpose of smoothing and firming.



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