peptide research in a lab

Peptide Synthesis Service

Introduction to peptide synthesis services What is peptide synthesis service? Peptide synthesis is also called a synthetic peptide. It is a solid-phase synthesis sequence generally from the C terminal (carboxyl terminal) to the N terminal (amino terminal) synthesis. In the past, peptide synthesis was carried out in a solution called liquid phase synthesis. Since Merrifield successfully developed the solid-phase peptide synthesis method in 1963 after continuous improvement and perfection, the solid-phase method has become a common technique in peptide and protein synthesis today, showing the incomparable

Custom Peptide Service

What is Custom peptide service? Peptide customization generally refers to a service of artificial peptide synthesis, which refers to a peptide synthesis service that is processed and synthesized to meet specific needs according to the needs of customers, such as different requirements such as sequence, purity, and molecular weight. The molecular weight is confirmed by a mass spectrometer to determine whether the crude MS is correct or not, and then the crude product is purified by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to obtain the high-quality peptide.